Safe handling of cryogenic liquids in laboratories

Legislation requires training and risk assessments to be undertaken and updated regularly. Because of this, Afrox monitors the oxygen levels inside laboratories and completes regular risk studies. The correct storage and handling equipment must be used, along with the correct PPE.

Many laboratories make use of cryogenics on a regular basis, to prepare and store samples awaiting analysis, nitrogen in particular.  When used correctly, nitrogen as an inert and non-toxic product is perfectly safe to use. However, when precautions are not taken for the safe storage and handling of nitrogen, it can become potentially deadly.

When using portable refrigerators in a closed vehicle, the oxygen level could become imperceptibly too low to sustain human life. Nitrogen is odourless and the driver and passengers may not notice anything amiss until it is too late.Also associated with handling cryogenic gases is the potential danger of cold burns, when the operator’s skin comes in contact with the cold liquid nitrogen, which has a temperature of -196°C.

Afrox can assist with all these measures and provide certification of training provided, as well as design customer-specific cryogenic handling solutions to ensure a safe working environment. For more information, contact Afrox’s Special Products & Chemicals team on 0860 02 02 02.