Afrox differentiates itself with end-to-end solutions

At Electra Mining Africa 2012 Afrox will take the opportunity to showcase its end-to-end technical solutions that are fully integrated for each process.

Afrox’s Gerhard van Wyk says the company has always been more than simply a supplier of gas and welding products and it will use the show as a platform to emphasise its extensive product range and process solutions offerings. “Real value is added to these processes, both from a financial and a productivity perspective, by sourcing the necessary consumables, equipment and gases, as well as on site support and training, from a single reputable supplier,” says van Wyk.

“As a full solution provider with extensive process knowledge, leading-edge development programmes and expert resources, we’re committed to supporting industry with customer-specific, cost-effective solutions backed by a global supply chain.”

“These services are core to the Afrox DNA, whether in combination as a fully-integrated bundle to complement clients’ processes, or provided on a menu-type basis.”

This integrated solution includes Afrox’s unique red box/blue box offering. The blue box is a specific set of gas equipment used in the mining industry, packaged to assist mining companies to comply with the legal requirement to register and service these items at specific intervals.  Each box has a unique serial number for traceability and accountability and is logged onto an Afrox database to ensure timeous servicing and replacement of parts, as well as to log equipment abuse and frequency of use.

The blue box contains elements of Afrox’s new proprietary range of heavy duty cutting equipment, torches and regulators under the brand name Saffire Legend 916, while the red box is targeted at industries other than mining and focuses on gas equipment selected from other areas of Afrox’s Saffire series.

Afrox is also poised to launch a proprietary range of heavy duty cutting equipment, torches and regulators under the brand name Saffire Legend 916. Targeted at the mining, construction and heavy fabrication sectors, the premium Legend 916 range has been so named as a tribute to Afrox’s more than 60 years’ experience in gas equipment manufacture and for its 9/16” outlet connectors and fittings, suitable for these tough working environments.

The Saffire Legend 916 heavy duty regulators come in three models, all with 9/16" outlet connectors and ISO 2503 certification. These regulators have been designed for rugged working environments such as mines, quarries and construction sites.

1000kPa Oxygen (OGM)

150kPA Acetylene (AGM)

Saffire Legend 916 Multi-stage pressure regulators feature gauges for oxygen and acetylene: 1000kPa Oxygen (OGM) and 150kPA Acetylene (AGM). Designed and precision manufactured according to SANS 2503, these regulators feature a sintered metal filter in the inlet stem to prevent contamination and a fully encapsulated valve with sintered filters in the first and second stage. The gauges are process colour coded, with safety backs and inlet snubbers and have a rubber diaphragm with safety-bursting disc in the first and second stage. The captive pressure adjusting knob and bonnet design ensure protection against over-pressurisation and contamination.

Afrox recently announced the introduction of its new generation AfroxPac 35i body-worn self-contained self-rescuer, representing three years of development work and testing that have culminated in achieving compliance with the SANS1737:2008 standard.

The AfroxPac 35i maintains all the effective design features of the AfroxPac 35, yet represents the next generation of this leading technology, which is currently carried underground on South African mines for more than one million man hours every day.

The AfroxPac 35i builds on the world class performance of the previous model, the AfroxPac 35, with a closed-circuit, self-contained oxygen breathing apparatus designed for escape from oxygen-deficient atmospheres. The unit uses an efficient bi-directional re-breathing system in which exhaled gas makes two passes through the carbon dioxide removal/oxygen generation canister before the oxygen-rich gas returns to the user. The ergonomic design makes it extremely suitable to be carried on the body continuously.

The new unit features a change in the material used for breathing bag, heat shield and other flexible components to a silicone based material, which eliminates the high-heat vulnerability of plastic components. In addition, chemical dust has been removed from the breathing bag to prevent any opportunity for heat induced oxidation.  The chemical bed has also been further stabilised for enhanced long term durability, a feature borne out in the SANS 1737 post durability test results.

Afrox is poised to enter the high end mechanised solutions market. This will strengthen their position as a leader in the welding industry, and enable them to be seen as welding solutions providers. They have the infrastructure and expertise to enable customer productivity and reduction of costs. They will utilize the skills of world class suppliers to bring in the best equipment required to enable customers to automate their welding processes. Afrox will be entering into the areas of CNC, sub arc, crawlers, and automated pipe solutions. Their infrastructure, footprint and back up service will ensure that they are able to provide first class service which is critical in this type of business.