Afrox road fleet reflects the company’s safety priorities

Afrox’s entire road fleet, from passenger vehicles to bulk gas tankers, is emerging from a makeover that is not only seeing the company’s fresh new corporate image being well represented on South Africa’s roads, but is also delivering enhanced road safety.

Andre Knoop, Afrox’s National Technical Manager Distribution, says the rebranding of the fleet is ongoing, not only to maintain the distinguished image of the company, but also to elevate safety on the roads.

“The older decals and safety labels are being replaced with new, highly reflective signage produced by 3M that really lights up on the roads at night and distinctly increases the visibility of the vehicles, even when they are standing idle, with their lights switched off, or when the engine is not running,” he says.

Afrox purchased 14 new bulk tankers during 2012, at an average cost of R2,8-million each. This brings the number of tankers in the company’s fleet to more than 100, with all new tankers sporting the new branding. In addition, current and future tank refurbishments will incorporate the new branding as an ongoing process, to ensure the fleet meets Afrox’s stringent vehicle standards.