Afrox’s new generation Saffire® Series 6000 single-stage regulator range leads the way

Introduced towards the end of 2011, Afrox’s new generation Saffire® Series 6000 single-stage regulator range caters for price-conscious medium to small end users who demand quality and reliability.

This is the only single-stage regulator range on the South African market that is SABS approved to SANS 2503. With flows comparable to many multi-stage regulators on the market today, the broad flow and pressure range make this an ideal regulator for welding, cutting and heating applications.

The regulators are comprehensively tested at full service pressure for superior operator safety and control, with a fully-fledged back-up service available from Afrox’s Gas Equipment Factory.

Every regulator incorporates proven global regulator technology to provide superior performance and extended life. This, together with a heavy-duty construction, provides longer trouble-free operation.

The series comprises a range of versatile regulators designs specifically for use in applications harnessing oxygen and acetylene. The 600 kPa oxygen regulator is ideal for general purpose welding, heating and cutting up to 100 mm, providing an adequate pressure to run the entire range of welding nozzles, as well as AHT heating nozzles and the 1H and 2H superheating nozzles.

Afrox’s unique third generation Quad-Flow encapsulated valve with a sintered metal cup filter ensures improved filtration and higher flow capacity, making it suitable for gas welding, cutting and heating applications.  Gauges are demarcated “Cut”, “Weld” and “Heat” to simplify setting, while a “rain protect” bonnet design protects the internal components from rain and moisture.

The manufacturing date of every regulator is stamped on each unit and is backed by an exceptional one-year warranty. The Saffire® Series 6000 range is available nationwide through Afrox Gas & Gear retail outlets.

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