Customers now enjoy “self service” access to their accounts

Afrox’s National Customer Service Centre is introducing its customers to a whole new level of access to their accounts, with the launch of its “self-service” account management systems “My Account” and “E-Billing”.

Together, these two complementary services now provide customers with significant flexibility when it comes to accessing and managing account information, including copy documents and cylinder holdings.

“We embarked on the development of these systems to be able to offer our customers innovative and convenient alternatives to the traditional way of accessing their account information with us,” says the National Customer Service Centre’s Brett Sauerman.

“The My Account service was piloted for more than a year to ensure that we are reflecting the voice of our customers in this system. We’re committed to moulding our services the customers’ needs.”

The My Account pilot was initially based on a sample of about 1500 customers and this volume was later increased to over 4 000 customers after the launch. With an average of 4500 document downloads and 2800 unique web site visits, this service is truly adding value.

The “My Account” system affords access to account information online on a 24/7 basis and allows customers to query certain account information directly through the system, without having to call the National Customer Service Centre.

E-Billing facilitates the efficient sending of SARS complaint invoices directly to customers’ e-mail addresses.

For more information on registering for these systems, call 0860 020202 or email