Handigas – the safe and convenient solution

Safe, convenient and easy to transport – Afrox Handigas is the ideal solution for heating and cooking requirements.

Available in 9kg or 48kg cylinders, consumers are assured of Afrox’s guarantee that all the right quality and safety checks have been carried out by the experts. As proof of this, every Handigas cylinder has a heat-shrunk red seal over the valve and a similar seal is used by distributors authorised to fill these cylinders.

Buyer beware! No seal or a clear seal on Handigas cylinders means they have been filled illegally and could well endanger your life and property.

Handigas cylinders are manufactured to internationally recognised standards and specifications as Afrox will not compromise on safety.

User safety, however, is at risk if regular maintenance on your gas equipment is not conducted or illegally filled cylinders are put into use. Safety can also be compromised by employing unqualified technicians to fit or carry out inspections or repairs to LPG installations or gas equipment. Consumers should always request proof that an installer is approved and registered – or in the case of Handigas cylinders, ensure that the LPG supplier is a legitimate Afrox distributor.

To protect consumers, Afrox has invested millions of rand each year to try and put a stop to illegal and unethical practices by rogue traders who put lives and property at risk.

Afrox also constantly inspects and audits hospitality customers to ensure LPG installations are safe and meet national, local fire department and municipal safety standards.

Top tips for LPG safety:

  • Regularly check for leaks on your installation or appliances and address any leaks immediately.
  • Replace worn parts with approved equipment, using a registered LPG installer.
  • Obtain your flammable liquid license from the local authority.
  • Ensure you have adequate fire protection devices, such as fire extinguishers and hose reels, available and that they are serviced regularly.
  • Keep the area around your LPG installation clear and free of any combustible material.
  • Make sure that all valves are properly closed at the end of each business day.
  • Do not allow any naked flames in the vicinity of LPG installations or equipment.