New range of stainless steel welding consumables to be launched

Welding, cutting and gas products company Afrox will launch its new range of Vacuum packaging ( DriPac) stainless steel welding consumables this year, which will be beneficial for operations in remote areas.

"Afrox manufactures welding electrodes the 308L, 309L and 316L types of stainless steel, which cater to various markets and serve different functions. It is important that these electrodes have low moisture during welding to avoid cracks and porosity after welding. The new range of products that will be made available to the market will save our clients time on re-baking to eliminate welding defects associated with moisture, as they have lower moisture - contents. The DriPac electrodes range will saves production time since there is no need to re- baking and improves the quality of the weld,& says Afrox special alloys product manager Sandy Majatladi.

The Afrox 308L type is a Rutile basic coated electrode for welding austenitic stainless steels such as the following grades (AISI) 302, 304, 304L, 321 and 347 stainless steels, which may be used in steam piping, vacuum pump parts and in the brewing, dairy, textile-drying and chemical-handling equipment sectors, as well as the pharmaceuticals and food processing industries.

The Afrox 309L rutile basic coated electrode for joining dissimilar steels( Austenitic to Ferritic steels). It is recommended for welding corrosion- and heat-resistant steels of the AISI 309 type, which is often used for furnace parts, aircraft components, heat exchangers and chemicals-processing equipment. The Afrox 309L can also be used for welding dissimilar carbon manganese steels and low alloy steels, for welding stainless steels to mild steels and as a buffer for hard-facing applications.

The Afrox 316L is a low-carbon content rutilecoated electrode for welding austenitic stainless Cr-Ni-Mo steels. It is recommended for use in chemicals storage, transportation tanks, oil-refining equipment, and pharmaceuticals equipment. The low-carbon molybdenum-bearing steels of the AISI 316L type may be used for applications such as pulp-handling equipment, high-temperature equipment and heat exchangers.

"As materials change in the market, so do the welding consumables that are required to achieve the intended result. For instance, it is crucial that fabricators who work with power generation and refineries components are fully acquainted with electrodes selection to enable them to achieve sound welds that will not only meet their requirements but also exceed them. The stainless steel DriPac range is a solution for fabricators conducting repairs in remote areas and confined space, as well as those operating in coastal areas where there is high moisture. It will give them a peace of mind knowing that the electrodes they are using have low moisture content(≤5ml/100g) and is not susceptible to cracks and porosity formation in the weld, therefore sound weld is guaranteed." explains Majatladi.

Afrox mentions that it manufactures its products to international standards,such as EN ISO and AWS and these products are TUV approved, which gives it an advantage over its competitors in South Africa. The standrds are used as a quality control measure to assure customers that the product has been tested accordingly and meets the specified requirements.

"Majatladi says with the major infrastructure developments taking place in the country, Afrox has positioned itself to be a preferred supplier with locally manufactured products that comply with international specifications. We are currently supplying our products to the SOE´s major infrastructure developments and other projects taking place in the neighbouring countries," he adds.