Afrox eshop offers customers an innovative alternative

The exciting new Afrox eShop is much more than a shop — it’s an eChannel providing a real-time customer focused and user friendly online capability that allows customers of all sizes to purchase gases, hardgoods and safety (PPE) products, while directly integrating with the relevant SAP back-end systems.

Brett Sauerman, CSC’s Self Service Manager explains that the eShop comprises two elements: a catalogue facility, effectively the “shop window”, and a self-service function. The self-service function allows customers to transact on their own using standard account management features for activities such as downloading invoices and statements, viewing cylinder holdings and choosing from a selection of payment options to settle invoices or accounts.

“Customers are increasingly interested in finding easier ways to deal with their suppliers and the Afrox eShop concept is right on par with current South African business and consumer trends,” says Brett. “The eShop, which is expected to go live June, complements our existing route to market strategies by providing an innovative alternative to transact with us.

“The concept will continue to evolve over the next few years, based on analysis of how our customers make use of the eShop. This will ensure that our service offering remains relevant and continues to improve.”