Afrox cryogenic freezing technology is the most advanced in the world market

State-of-the-art Cryoline® CW multi-purpose cryogenic freezing technology used for freezing a large variety of meat and seafood products in IQF (individually quick frozen) or non-IQF format in a single freezer unit is now available in South Africa through Afrox.  

This freezer is the newest and most advanced tool worldwide for boosting productivity and yield in freezing lines. Cryogenic freezing technology represents a hi-tech departure from the traditional approach of mechanically freezing food products on a conveyor belt, or immersing them directly into a pool of liquid nitrogen. Instead, this technology freezes free-flowing IQF products by completely surrounding them with a stream of high-velocity cold vapour.

Cryogenic freezing is up to four times faster than mechanical freezing and results in smaller ice crystallisation. Because the water inside and outside the cells freezes at the same rate, the cells remain intact and the food keeps its freshness, flavour and texture.

Afrox’s value proposition in this arena comprises equipment rental and gas supply associated with the leading cryogenic freezing technology being developed by The Linde Group. As a member of The Linde Group, Afrox has access to its world-leading freezer technology, allowing the company to offer South African food companies the broadest range and diversity of cryogenic freezers in the local market.

Two South African companies, leading pasta manufacturer FG La Pasta in Gauteng and frozen fruit and vegetable processor Dynamic Commodities in the Eastern Cape have already commissioned  Cryoline® CW freezers in their production plants and are producing export quality IQF products.

The patented Cryoline® CW Cryowave dual mode IQF freezer is the best performing, most hygienically designed freezing platform on the market today, effectively addressing the traditional food freezing issues of product clumping, low yields, fines generation and high costs.  This freezer uses product vibration within the refrigeration medium to produce rapid and uniform heat transfer, improved product yields, enhanced product quality and shorter freezing times, with smaller floor space requirements. Even when products are piled onto the belt, the vibratory wave action gently tosses them, distributing them uniformly on the belt and preventing them from sticking to other products or to the belt. The Cryoline® CW also delivers a superior crust freeze to the outer portion of IQF products, locking in moisture, reducing dehydration losses, minimising evaporation losses and maximising yield.

By turning the vibratory mechanism off, the Cryoline® CW can be utilised as a highly efficient straight line belt freezer that can process flat product in trays or directly on the belt.

This patented freezer design incorporates the most stringent hygienic and sanitary standards in the global food market today, offering easy and complete access to all food contact surfaces.   

Hendrik Pretorius