Afrox electrodes reflect all the criteria for localisation

“Afrox’s locally manufactured range of welding electrodes reflect all the elements required for a robust contribution to government’s localisation initiative,” says Afrox’s Sandy Majatladi, Product Manager for Special Consumables. “Our Welding Consumables Factory in Brits has created jobs for South Africans for many years and continuously developed their skills, while producing world class value-added products. 

In order to be successful, locally produced products must be able to compete with the imported equivalent on quality and cost and Afrox has met these criteria very effectively with its electrode offering. All its electrodes are manufactured to AWS (American Welding Society) specifications and the company is even able to exceed these requirements when producing electrodes to meet specific customer requirements. Most Afrox electrodes also conform to other international standards, such as TüV, Lloyds Register and ABS.

A leading example of the Afrox Welding Consumables Factory’s commitment to localisation is the recent introduction of a robust new product, the Transarc® 6013 electrode, which achieves a significant reduction in cost without compromising key performance fundamentals, with conformance to AWS standards.

“The development of this innovative electrode arose out of our desire to remain competitive in our market,” says Majatladi.  “It had become evident that we needed to develop a good quality, cost-effective electrode. The resulting Transarc® 6013 product can be used to weld in all positions and is generally used to weld mild steel. The product demonstrates very good weldability characteristics benchmarked against some of the premium competitors’ products.