Milestone handover of children's school equipment

When a team from Afrox recently delivered children’s paint aprons, chair bags and book protectors for the Grade 1’s at three Centurion primary schools, the occasion went down in the company's Self Rescue Division's history. The reason? These useful items were all made out of recycled AfroxPac 35 self-contained self-rescuers (SCSRs) for miners.

Springvale Primary School purchased the very first batch of these items produced by IAMGREEN, a Cape Town company that specialises in re-using, recycling and upcycling all manner of materials. Springvale generously partnered with Afrox to sponsor the supply of 340 packs of aprons, chair bags and library book protectors for two nearby non-fee paying schools, Olievenhoutsbosch Primary and Seaparankwe Primary. These were recently handed over in a ceremony at Springvale Primary, where 190 Grade 1’s eagerly participated in a demonstration of the magic of transforming life-saving devices into attractive classroom accessories.

The breathing bags within the Afroxpac 35i SCSRs are manufactured from plastic-coated fabric with rubber fittings and are rated for ten years, after which, whether or not the bags have been deployed, they must be replaced.  While the bags’ metal and chemical components are used in scrap metal recycling and fertiliser production, the plastic and rubber components pose more of a challenge.

“In consultation with IAMGREEN we came up with the concept of producing the classroom accessories from these items and I’m really proud of the result,” Peter Rowlands, SRD Business Manager, says. “This has been a very special and collaborative project, close to our hearts and generating much interest amongst our staff.”