Industry recognises value of Afrox SLA

The heavy industrial market is recognising the value of the Afrox Service Level Agreement (SLA) attached to its Afrox BlueBox and Afrox RedBox heavy duty oxy-acetylene kits.

Beyond being premium ISO/SANS approved equipment that has been specifically packaged to perform in rugged working environments such as mining, construction, shipbuilding, quarrying, scrap handling and heavy fabrication, these kits are part of a unique service offer.

Under the SLA, each kit and each item of equipment it contains bears a dedicated serial number to ensure traceability and user accountability, minimising equipment abuse, loss and theft. The serial number is logged onto an Afrox database to ensure timeous servicing and replacement of elements, as well as to log equipment abuse and frequency of use.

At pre-determined intervals agreed with the customer, Afrox technical personnel service the equipment in the kit to an ‘as new’ status and replace any missing items. The kit is returned to the customer complete with a certificate confirming that all equipment complies with the required industry standards. The customer has peace of mind know that this safety critical equipment is always in a good condition.

The offer also partially relieves the customer of the safety and legal responsibilities associated with the use of this type of equipment, effectively improving safety and risk control. At the same time, with the proper care, equipment also lasts longer and affords the customer improved cost control.

Afrox differentiates itself in the African market by offering customers an end-to-end solution that is fully integrated for each process. Real value is added to these processes, both from a financial and a productivity perspective, by sourcing the necessary consumables, equipment and gases, as well as on site support and training, from a single reputable supplier.

Lourens le Roux