SMOOTHFLO is a world-first in gas regulator safety and efficiency

The first-of-its-kind SMOOTHFLO gas regulator boasts a number of world-leading safety features. Exclusively developed over a two-year period at the Afrox manufacturing facility in Germiston, SMOOTHFLO features major breakthroughs in design, and is the first gas regulator in the world to come standard with a piston-embedded safety valve, as opposed to an externally mounted safety valve which is subjected to the external environment.

Afrox Head of Hardgoods Nazmi Adams indicates that piston-driven technology produces excellent pressure stability at higher flow rates, which allows an operator to achieve greater gas cutting speeds. “The ability to go from zero to maximum operating pressure in just three turns reduces the amount of set-up time required,” he explains.

What’s more, a unique break-off inlet stem ensures that the high performing excess-flow valve will safely and automatically seal off gas discharge from a cylinder into the atmosphere, should it and the regulator be accidently impacted by a fall. This is a major safety advantage to numerous industriesthat use oxy-acetylene for welding, ranging from mining and fabrication,to manufacturing and rail.

Adams states that standard regulators with externally mounted pressure gauges can suffer damage from external impacts. The resultant gas leaks poses serious fire hazards as well as being costly to repair.The unique design of SMOOTHFLO makes the gauges almost entirely damage-proof, and minimises the threat of a catastrophic accident.

The SMOOTHFLO break-off stem ensures that the gas is shut off should the regulator be sheared off due to external impact or the cylinder falling over. This renders the cylinder safe. With normal regulators, the cylinder will vent uncontrollably, either becoming a projectile or a spinning hazard, with the associated risk to workers and equipment.

Adams highlights the fact that health and safety conscious companies in advanced economies in Europe and North America have been impressed by the performance of SMOOTHFLO and the manner in which it eliminates known risks associated with gas equipment. “It will likely become the new standard in the safety conscious global markets. Afrox is proud to be placing South Africa as the world leader in gas market safety through the development of SMOOTHFLO, which boasts unrivalled performance.”

Due to the revolutionary design and performance of SMOOTHFLO, Adams reveals that Afrox is currently in the process of exporting up to 10 000 units to Australia and Europe over the next two months. “The tried-and-tested performance of SMOOTHFLO locally has prompted a surge in international demand for this unique product that is years ahead of competitors in terms of design.”