eShopping convenience

The Afrox eShop concept, launched in June this year, has so far proven more successful than expected. Not only did it challenge the status quo but also reconfirmed the initiating factors required to have Afrox rethink how it interacts and improves the customer experience.

Phase 1 of this project included an online, real-time purchasing experience for delivered orders as well as the means to manage accounts online without having to use email, faxes or even the telephone.

Said Afrox’s Dave Shaw: “We will be deploying phase two starting early December 2014, which includes features like "Click & Collect" allowing registered account holding customers to login to eShop, purchase product and collect it at the Gas & Gear of their choice. There will also be a complimentary service allowing non-account holding customers to open a simple base account in under 10 minutes to buy online, no paper and no waiting, it is active immediately.”