Afrox pilots door-to-door LPG domestic delivery initiative

When the lights are out and appliances are down as a result of load shedding, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) serves as the ideal source of energy for lighting, cooking and heating. Domestic consumers now have even quicker access to LPG, as Sub-Saharan gas market leader Afrox makes its popular Handigas LPG range available for door-to-door delivery.

Afrox has supplied its tried-and-trusted Handigas LPG range to domestic consumers via retail outlets and other indirect channels for years. The company recently identified the need to add greater value to this large customer base by launching a pilot programme on the West Rand of Gauteng, whereby residential users can order the product online or place orders via the Afrox call centre and effect payment on delivery via credit or debit card payment, with next day delivery.

The ‘Handigas Express Door-to-Door Delivery’ pilot programme was launched mid-April 2015 in order to fill a gap in the market by creating a direct link between Afrox and its residential customer base, reveals Afrox business development manager for LPG Gerhard van Wyk.

“The success of our eShop enables us to facilitate this new initiative, which allows consumers to place online orders at any time during the day or night, in the comfort of their own home. With winter approaching and power supply remaining vulnerable, the process of order, payment and delivery can be completed within 24 hours, thereby ensuring minimal disruptions at home,” he says.

In addition to providing greater convenience to its customer base, van Wyk reveals that a door-to-door domestic delivery service also ensures greater safety, as a secure payment on delivery via credit or debit card means that all personal details of the client, including physical address and credit card details, are safeguarded.

“Our customers are provided with the peace-of-mind that the cylinder has been filled according to the highest levels of safety, as guaranteed by our distinctive red seal on all Afrox Handigas cylinders,” he continues.

In the event of an unforeseen delay, van Wyk points out that customers will have access to a dedicated customer support team, both online and telephonically. “To overcome any challenges, service agents will be in regular communication with customers.”

Van Wyk indicates that the door-to-door delivery initiative is first being launched on a pilot basis to address any unplanned shortcomings and streamline efficiency before a national rollout. “It is important to run the pilot to tweak any glitches and to get a better understanding of customer requirements and our capabilities. Afrox is proactive in satisfying customer needs, and this initiative is clear proof of this.”

Simon Miller
Corporate Communications Manager
Phone: (011) 490-0466
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